Using Facebook

Here you can find info how Competizer is integrated with Facebook, what additional options you may use and how you can run contests on Facebook.

Basic integration with Facebook

Each contest on Competizer platform use Facebook features:

Sign up with Facebook.

If you add new domain for your contest you need to add new app to Facebook. Find tutorial here.
When sign up is activated users can sign in using Facebook account. By sign up user's email and avatar are passed to Competizer.

Like entry with Facebook

Each entry could be separately liked.

According to Facebook rules this cannot be used as a voting mechanism. Nevertheless it's possible to count likes in given period of time.

It's also possible to hide like buttons during voting stage to focus users on voting action.

Share entry with Facebook.

Find more info how to customize sharing options.

As admin you can sort entries by number of shares.

 Find out how Facebook likes and shares are counted.

Additional Facebook options

Facebook comments.

Any user can read comments, but only Facebook users can add a comment.

In admin settings you can choose between white and dark layout.

Facebook provides some moderation options: every post go  public by default but you can switch it to pre-moderation, add black list.
To get to moderation or moderation settings go to the any entry page and find link to moderation or settings within comments area.

Use Facebook application

If you plan using contest in Facebook check requirements and limitations regarding layout and content in tutorials linked below! 

There are two ways of running a contest on Facebook (and according to Facebook rules these are the only valid): 

Contest on Facebook page tab

Place contest as tab on your page to get more fans. Find tutorial here.

Contest as Facebook application

For long-term contests you can use Facebook application. Find tutorial here.