For competition in FULL option competizer provides Latest and Top entries RSS feed. You can use it to promote competition in your other online services.

Use links in RSS tab in admin area.

RSS content:

  • Title: Title of the Competition (Setup&edit> Main)
  • Entry:
    • Slogan of the Competition (Setup&edit> Main)
    • Entry title
    • contributor name
    • submission date
    • entry
    • competition URL


How to use RSS feed?

  • Keep an eye on entries using third-party tool to get updates on email or SMS from latest entries feed. Read this article about entries moderation here.
  • Give RSS address to your participants, so RSS lovers can watch new entries from their favourite RSS feed reader. Place it in footer, as banner, or on any custom page.
  • If you don't like our entries widget prepare your own using RSS feed data.