Basic statistics in competizer

Next to Contest Title on Dashboard you will find an orange icon.
There is a layer with statistics when you hover on it.
You can use also Stats tab on Dashboard.

Entry - single content uploaded by a participant. It shows the number of all entries available in gallery and banned entries. This number is taken into account while stating "open contest" status (and payments).

Entries in categories - Number of all entries whenever added to categories (including removed and banned).

Users - number od all registered users (who uploaded entries or not)

Votes - number of votes gained within users voting round.

Facebook likes - number of clicks on "FB like" button placed bellow an entry (independent of competition stage).

If you chose voting type:

  • Traditional or Anonymous then it shows number of votes
  • Social then it counts number of "likes" for this URL.
    This number may differ from what is shown in number next to the like button on the website, because Facebook counts also:
    • The number of shares of this URL (this includes copy/pasting a link back to Facebook)
    • The number of likes and comments on stories on Facebook about this URL
    • The number of inbox messages containing this URL as an attachment.


Comments - number of comments. For Facebook comments only commets added through contest website are counted.

Total stats or for grouped contests

There are also additional stats available in top menu: Competitions > Stats. There you can find:

Participants - number of all registered users who uploaded an entry.

Total amount of  Entries, Users, Participants, Votes, FB Likes and Comments in All active competitions or in a group.

Raports are downloadable.

External statistics

Why you should use external statistics?

  • To precisely track traffic on competition site with the service you got used to
  • To add traffic to your overall statistics (which may be usefull to your partners and advertisers).

How to add your own analytics tag to the competition?

Generate and copy markup in your statistics service. Then go to admin area and for given competition in Setup&Edit in Options tab paste this markup in Analitics tag.

You can provide header reference to load your analytics library. It will be loaded in head section of the page.

You can also provide your analytics tag, which will be loaded at the end of the page. 

This tag will be distributed on every competition's pages.

Tip for Google Analytics users: Use first field for header reference only. 



Track visits from external widgets

 If you use Google Analytics then you can track visits from exteral widgets. Go to GA account and check Campaigns in Traffic Sources.

Source and Medium name will be "widget", Campaign name will be title of the competition.

Track visits from mailings

 If you use Google Analytics then you can prepare special links in your custom emails about competition progress or for kick-offs. Then you will be able to track visits from mailings.

You can use this tool to prepare links: Google Analytics URL Builder

Facebook statistics

Facebook provides detailed analytics about the demographics of your users and how users are sharing from your contest whether they sign up with Facebook or only like, share or comment with Facebook on the contest website or within Facebook app.

These reports include rich data about users sharing content within Facebook and other Facebook-enabled apps no matter where those activity originated. For example, if a user puts a URL from your contest into a Facebook status message, that data is included in the analytics.

Facebook statistics include:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly active users, app growth by number of new users, and overall user demographics: gender and age, countries, towns/cities, language
  • See how people react to the stories your app publishes via the Open Graph API on timeline and news feed on the web.
  • Clicks to apps on Open Graph or stream published stories made by users on mobile devices
  • and many other.

To find all stats go to and choose your app (if you have few of them). On the dashboard you can see some basic Insights. If you want to go to the details click on See all link on the right.

App statistics