Setup statistics

While competizer tracks only some basic data about the competition like number of entries, users, votes and comments (Stats tab) we strongly recommend to apply you own statistics.

External statistics

Why you should use external statistics?

  • To precisely track traffic on competition site with the service you got used to
  • To add traffic to your overall statistics (which may be usefull to your partners and advertisers).

How to add your own analytics tag to the competition?

Generate and copy markup in your statistics service. Then go to admin area and for given competition in Setup&Edit in Options tab paste this markup in Analitics tag.

You can provide header reference to load your analytics library. It will be loaded in head section of the page.

You can also provide your analytics tag, which will be loaded at the end of the page. 

This tag will be distributed on every competition's pages.

Tip for Google Analytics users: Use first field for header reference only. 



Google analytics tracker for department

It is possible to set one google analytics tracker for all competitions organized within one department.

Just send GA tracker ID to (specify department).
Tracker ID looks like this:  UA-XXXXXXXX-X