Create new competition

There are few ways of crating new competition:

  • just creating New Competition
  • clonning another competition
  • first create New Competition as competition template, then clone it. Using competition template could be useful if you're planning repeatable competitions.

New competition

To create new competition log in to admin area and click on New competition button. Once competition is created you can edit it by clicking on "Setup and edit" button.

Clone competition

If you want to run another similar competition then use Clone button. Then:

  • You have to create new internet address
  • Also set up new timelines for Stages
  • Also mailing templates will be cloned, but mailing messages not.
  • Also judges will be cloned (if applicable), but don't forget to invite them to voting again (or change judges).

All other settings will be cloned from original competition.

Cloned competition will start without entries nor users.

FAQ - Setup competition

  1. How to apply meta tags for SEO effect?

    Title of the Competition is used as page title (and therefore used by search engines as title in search results).

    Slogan of the Competition is used as meta description.

  2. What if my title is too long and doesn't fit in header?

    You have two options: prepare and add image in Custom header in place of the title or add your custom css file and set smaller font for title ie.:

  3. Video in <i>Competition description</i> doesn't display on page properly. What can I do?

    Probably your video is wrong format. You can try to convert it or upload via YouTube etc. and then insert video embed code. 

  4. Do I need to compress the digital assets I upload as header, description or background images?

    Better if they are not huge so the upload happens faster but the Competizer will compress pictures to the optimum quality/weight ratio so you don't have to worry about that. 

  5. How can I preview and test all stages before launch?

    Set up stage dates so they are active today, ie. start for today, end for tomorrow. Go to front-end pages and review. Don't forget to set right competition dates afterwards. 

  6. Why should I set up Facebook for the contest?

    Even if you don't want to use Facebook comments, nor social sharing, nor even Facebook likes there is still login option for Facebook users which requires setting an app on Facebook.