Setup Home page

When you create new competition you define content and look of the home page in some steps listed below.



Title of the Competition

Here you should provide title of the competition, which is available:

  • on browser tab
  • on page header (unless you use Custom header)
  • also is displayed on user's profile page
  • and optionally as filter in gallery, if there are more grouped competitions in Competition group (Setup&Edit > Competition group)

Title of the Competition

If you want to use more graphics (ie. fancy competition title, your logo, other graphics) then prepare it in any graphic application. 

NEW: The graphic will be not rescaled by server but only by CSS to fit maximum layout width. That's why you should optimize size of the image for the header for the maximum available width (ie. 964px) and not more to avoid uneccesary delays for downloading image by users.

Custom header replaces the title:

Caution: Title or custom header could be displayed above or under main menu. It depends on CSS template (you can choose one in Look&Feel tab).

For repeatable competitions consider using any kind of time stamp, like "2012 Competition" or "July Competition" or "First Competition".

Title could be up to 255 chars, but for best SEO results try to fit 69 chars (including spaces).

Slogan of the competition

Provide slogan for the competition, it will be used as META DESCRIPTION (which may be used by search engines to describe search result).

When the checkbox "slogan visible" is checked slogan is displayed on the top.

Slogan could be up to 255 chars, but if you think about using it only as description it's better to set up to 156 chars (including spaces).

Slogan of the competition

Messages shared with FB or Twitter

In Setup&Edit > Main > Titles, header, description & footer:

  • Competition slogan (also FB sharing message)
  • Tweet template

Read detailed instruction about sharing options here.

Competition description

Prepare descriptive image or video, then you can add some text with links and images through WYSIWYG editor.

Tell about competition, prizes and requirements. 


Note: You can also use  INTRO before or instead description. Look for Top gallery/intro widget


Use WYSIWYG editor to add your content related with competition or with your other activities like: menus, logos, copyrights, etc.


Internet address


Find out how to handle internet address here.

Custom widgets

Go to Options tab, provide custom script in "Custom widgets" ie. Facebook fan page, news feeds, etc.

Your widgets

Stage specific

Status title

In the tab "Stages" change "Status title" for each stage if necessary.


Other stage specific items like Enter competition or Vote buttons display automatically.  

Widgets (user entries on Home Page)

Top gallery/intro widget

Go to Options tab. Activate "Top gallery/intro widget" and set it up.
This widget displays mosaic of 9 thumbnail photos (top and/or latest) and optionally Intro.
Set Minimum entry height (px) to avoid empty spaces between photos (lower photos won't be displayed). If you set height equal to thumbnail height, then mosaic will display squares. If you set height lower, then mosaic also will be lower (and more photos will meet this condition, which means more nice photos could be displayed here).
It is possible to display banner in this widget in place of one photo. Set this in Banners tab in Widgets>Image mosaic widget ad tag.

Top gallery/intro widget

Gallery widget

Go to Options tab. Activate "Gallery widget" and set it up.
This widget displays continuous gallery of entries (top and/or latest).

Gallery widget



Top/latest entries widgets

When activated, this widget is also displayed on Entry Page

Go to Options tab. Activate "Top/latest entries widgets" and choose amount of entries in widget.

Choose widget template:

Entries widget


In Setup&Edit go to Banners tab and provide:

  • script from your add server 
  • or banner as image and link them
  • or any (HTML) text.

Read more info about banners here.