Set up domain for the contest

Warning: You should be careful when changing DNS records - improper settings may cause that your websites, e-mail servers and other services will fail.

In case of any doubt, please consult your IT team or contact us at


  1. Localize nameserver for your domain.

    Typically there are two situations:

    • in most cases (especially when you are able to add new subdomain in web hosting panel) the domain is delegated to server where your site is hosted - in this case you can find DNS zone edit form in your web hosting panel;
    • sometimes (especially when you registered new domain and you did not pointed it to your server) the domain administration panel is proper place to edit DNS zone instead;
    How to check this?
    Type your domain in web browser.
    • If you see your website, hosting company logo or error 404 page, you should look for DNS zone settings in web hosting panel.
    • If you see browser error, connection error or domain seller company logo, you should look for DNS zone settings in domain administration panel.
  2. Localize DNS zone settings form.

    Log in to web hosting panel or domain administration panel, depending on first point above.
    Select your domain and look for DNS zone settings.
    This option can be named in various ways, depending on web hosting and domain seller company, for example: DNS zone settings, Advanced DNS setting, Edit DNS records, Manual DNS settings etc.

    Warning: You should not use HTTP Redirect, Address forwarding, Hidden frame or similar options - this is not proper way.

    When you will be in right place, you should see something similar to:
    @ A
    www CNAME
    [few similar lines]
    This can be slightly different, but look for keywords - A, CNAME, MX, PTR, NS - these are DNS record types and if you see them you are in the right place.

    Still confused? Sometimes domain is delegated to web hosting server but web hosting panel does not allow to modify DNS settings. If you could not find DNS zone settings, you can contact us at - we will try to help you.

  3. Add DNS records

    For subdomain

    If you want to use subdomain in Competizer (for example your website address is and you want to use for Competizer), do the following steps:
    Add CNAME records:

    subdomain CNAME
    www.subdomain CNAME

    to have set:

    competitions CNAME
    www.competitions CNAME


    • sometimes you should use full subdomain name, e.g. instead of simply subdomain; see on similar CNAME records in DNS zone to determine that;
    • remember to add dot (.) at the end of
    • however if you cannot add record, try typing without dot at the end (dot is necessary but sometimes administration panel adds this automatically for you)
    • generally, try to make your new CNAME record syntax similar to other ones.

    New domain

    If you want to use new top-level domain exclusively in Competizer (for example you registered and this should be independent from your website or other services), do the following steps:
    Edit A record to following:

    @ A

    Add CNAME record:

    www CNAME

    (please see tips above).

  4. Remember to apply or save settings and you are DONE!

In most cases changes will not be visible instantly. Wait one or two hours and try to type your competition domain/subdomain in web browser. When you see your competition or Competizer error page, DNS zone was edited successfully. If you see Competizer error, you should follow next steps to finish new domain setup now.

Set up address for the contest

Now just assign domain to the contest.