Pricing options


By creating New competition choose option: BASIC or FULL. Here compare available features of those options.

Before the competition starts you can change this option at any time.

If you want to change this option when the competition is open, please contact us at

BASIC option is sufficient when

all of those options apply to you:

  • organizer doesn't need original files (photos) uploaded by users
  • and contest is short and  mailings about competition progress will not be sent or it is a first contest on the competizer platform
  • and company doesn't use Facebook, so will not use Facebook application
  • or if you don't want to spend time and resources on Facebook application
  • and if you don't need external promotional widgets and you are promoting the contest other way

FULL option is recommended when

any of these options applies to you:

  • organizer needs original files (photos) uploaded by users to print them or make an exhibition after the competition 
  • or for long-term contest to remind users by emails:
    • when voting round goes after submission round, to call for votes by email
    • there are other multiple stages 
    • announce winners
  • or if you want to send emails only to participants of one contest, ie. those who agreed to receive emails from sponsor of this contest.
  • or if your company uses Facebook and want to run a contest as Facebook application
  • or if you want to promote contest with external widgets with top/latest entries on other websites
  • or if you need specific interface of the contest and you will use API.

Free configuration and testing free

Feel free to set up new competition. It is free until competition is open (read below when the competition is open).

You can schedule timelines to test all stages (upload, voting, winners announcement) so that stages are open. After testing and customizing all features and look&feel re-schedule timelines as planned for the real competition. 

Hide competition

There is no obvious way of hiding competition, but there is a trick to hide competition. If you want to prevent curious users to come to the competition before it starts just change its address to the difficult one.
If you want to hide finished competiton it will not work so good. Because if you have another competitions up and running users may jump to this new addres via their portfolios.  

Competition is opened (charged) charged

We treat competition as open when it has more than 25 entries or 25 users signed in. Check details in payment plan.

Caution: Competition could be opened independently of timeline of competition stages (upload, voting, etc.).

Competition organizer and all admins within organizer department will be notified when limits are at 80% and second time when limits are at 100%. Then the first payment period starts. 

Tip: To extend free testing period:

  • Remove test accounts: go to admin area into Moderation tab and choose Moderate users. Delete test accounts. Accounts with their entries will be completely removed within few hours.
  • Stop testing by creating new accounts (new registrations in the contest)
  • Remove some entries. Single entries could be only removed by their contributor after sign in on front-end competition by managing entries.


Closing the competition

Before closing the competition approve winners, download entries and make final changes, as after the closure the competition setup will be disabled.

 Competition closed free

Closing the competition is the only way to terminate payments. There are two ways of closing:

  • use Close button
  • or schedule closure in Setup&edit > Stages > Competition Closed.
    When scheduled, competition organizer (and all admins of his department) will be notified 14 days before closure. 

Competition organizer will be notified about closure by email (also all other admins of his department).  

Closing competition will affect competition site and restrain admin functionality.

Closed competition on front-end (for participants)

  • native comments are disabled
  • voting is disabled (even if voting stage hasn't finished yet)
  • uploading is disabled (even if submission stage hasn't finished yet)
  • external widgets are disabled (iframes for contest promotion)

    but still
  • all entries are available in galleries, entry pages are still active,
  • users profiles are available, so they can manage their accounts
  • if user takes part in new competition, then on his/her profile page entries from closed competition are accessible
  • winners page is available

Closed competition on back-end (for admins)

  • competition setup is disabled (all settings are visible, but not editable)
  • in FULL photo competition original entries are removed (so download them earlier if you would need them!)
  • mailings from the competition are disabled, mailing messages are deactivated
  • RSS is disabled
  • external widgets are disabled
  • winners approval is disabled, winners and runner-ups can't be changed

    but still
  • winners page is editable
  • competition could be cloned
  • participants data are available for download
  • in photo competition scaled photos are downloadable (big size).

 Competition archived

By default competition is archived one year after competition closure. Competition organizer will be notified about archivisation by email (also all other admins of his department).  Competition is available as archived until is deleted, max 10 years.

Competition website is online as long as you keep your domain.

Archived competition on front-end (for participants)

  • all entries are removed except winners and runner-ups
  • gallery is disabled
  • entry pages are disabled (exept winners and runner-ups)
  • voting is disabled
  • submission is disabled
  • native comments are disabled
  • if user takes part in new competition then on his/her profile archived competition is not displayed (unless it is former winner or runner-up)

    but still
  • winners page is available
  • participants data are available for download
  • users profile pages are available (though without entries, unless it is winner or runner-up) and they can manage their account.

Archived competition on back-end (for admins)

  • download of all entries is not available except winners and runner-ups
  • competition setup is disabled (all settings are visible, but not editable)
  • mailings from the competition are disabled
  • RSS and external widgets are disabled
  • voting stats (IP) are not available exept winners and runner-ups

    but still

  • stats: number of entries and votes remains
  • download winner and runner-up entries (big size in photo competition)
  • edit winners page
  • clone the competition

  Deleted competition

Well, even though competition is deleted user profile data is still available for site admins to download.
Also if platform data includes emails and subscriptions they could be used in future competitions as platform mailing base (to send kick-offs).
In next competitions former users may sign in and use the same platform data as in deleted competition (nick, password, email, avatar, location etc.).

 When competition is deleted all other competition related assets like entries, comments, stats, addresses, settings are removed, so make sure that you have backup of all useful assets.