Set up platform

Platform set up is available for site admins only.

For customers that have already used competizer platform

Participants of previous competitions of any department may take part in your new competition by sign in and will have entries from previous competition(s) on their profile page.

If you prefer to start new users base please order new account on or contact with

User data capture

Check/set platform user data, that are common within all competitions especially think about future campaigns.
Warning: There are some predefined platform user data fields set in english. If you are going to use another language you should at least translate them into your language.

Landing page

Customize landing page if you are going to use it.

Department, domain and default language

  • If other admins within your company should not have access to your competition you may need to add new department.
  • Change/add language to the department if necessary.
  • If you plan many competitions under one domain add this domain, set Facebook integration settings and assign to department.

New admin

Especially after adding new department you may need to add new admin.

Default mailing templates

While creating new competition platform default platform mailing templates are copied. If you find it useful you can edit them first.

Multiple competitions at time

If you want to display entries in galleries from some competitions at once then use grouping.