Participants data

Competition may have several forms that ask for personal information:

Personal information distribution:

Platform data

Only user with admin Site Admin privileges can set Platform data
Manage them in  Platform Setup > Platform data capture

Warning: There are some predefined platform user data fields set in english. If you are going to use another language you should at least translate them into your language.

Platform data are collected within all your departments and all competitions.

If you are going to use competizer for multiple competitions it's reasonable to use this feature to collect:

  • users emails, so they can retrieve password, receive after upload mailings, other mailings (more info below)
  • user's general information like: name, address, phone number, interests, etc.
  • let user's subscribe to newsletter / get updates, ie. receive informations about other competitions and promotions
  • hidden field: language, if you plan competitions in different languages. Find detailed instruction how to set up languages here.

Select option field

You can treat also those fields as templates ie. particularly if you need  select. But remember that if you use them in any competition they will be assigned to user overall profile in all competitions.

How platform data works for users?

When user wants to enter second (or another) competition then he don't have to sign up, he could just sign in (if not signed in already).
After sign in user has another form with:

  • fields added to this competition (look below how to set up competition specific data)
  • platform data fields, but only if NOT filled last time (or new ones).

Available field types:

  • checkbox
  • email (text field with email validation)
  • hidden
  • select
  • text
  • textarea

Available field options:

  • Active (default value on list of competition specific data in  Setup&Edit > Options > User data capture)
  • Required
  • Unique: must be unique within competitions (useful for emails or nicknames)
  • Public: show in profile
  • Editable: user can change it after registering
  • Profile: edit only in profile, not displayed in sign up form, user may miss this
  • Before upload form, prior to the first upload, not displayed in sign up form, but each contributor will be asked about this once
  • Emailing: indicates emailing subscription. Use this feature if you plan mailings or newsletters, so users can sign out (and don't accuse you of spamming).

Competition specific data

On the level of one competition you can activate platform data and add specific fields for sign up and enter competition.

You can ask users about things related to competition, ie. particularly:

  • checkbox: "I've read and accepted the Rules" (for this competition)
    Tip: If you want to link Rules with rules page then go to rules page, copy its web address and create HTML link as checkbox label like in this example:
    I have read and accepted  <a href="/competition-title/Rules.html">the Rules</a>
  • checkbox: "Get promotional materials from the sponsor" (of this competition)
  • checkbox: "Let me know about next edition of this competition"
  • "What do you think/like about this competition/theme?"
  • additional question that will be taken into account, while choosing winner, for instance origin, verification code, motivation, etc.. 
  • etc.

Set them in  Setup&Edit > Options > User data capture.

Predefined fields:

  • Nick name - it's obligatory, unique for whole your platform (customer account), you can't change it's options. Nick is displayed as the contributor name next to the entry.
  • profile picture - you can  activate or deactivate it. When deactivated then users won't be able to add it and avatars won't be displayed in competition. Also you can make it required or optional. Users will be able to upload avatar as JPG, GIF or PNG. Avatars are displayed on profile page, on entry page, with comments, in gallery widget on home page and in gallery (if activated).
  • location - it's used to display participant's location on Google Map. It could be only submited on profile page you can deactivate it or make required (but entering any data into profile page is generally optional; so if you make location required means, that user can't enter any other profile data without entering location)

By default all platform user data fields are active, but they can be turned off (uncheck "Active"). You can also add new fields.

Add additional fields:

  • checkbox
  • email (text field with email validation)
  • hidden
  • text
  • textarea

Note: After adding and saving new field it can't be changed to other type or removed. If you don't need it just deactivate it.

Available options:

  • Active (by default active field will be displayed on sign up, unless Uploaders of Profile is checked)
  • Uploaders (additional question for participants before upload form, prior to the first upload)
  • Profile (edit only in profile, not displayed in sign up form, user may miss this)
  • Public (show in user's profile page)
  • Required
  • Unique (if field added in a competition it must be unique within this competition, or if it is platform data it must be unique within all competitions)
  • Editable (user can change it after registering)
  • Email (only for checkboxes, check if this is any kind of agreement to receive emailings)

Sign up form

Obligatory form for all participants, also for commentators if it's so set (in Setup&Edit > Moderation > Comments).
There are all Visible fields WITHOUT Public and Uploader fields; additionally nickname and password, that can't be removed. Also users are asked about profile picture if activated.

If user signs up using Facebook account then his/her nickname and avatar are requested from Facebook. All other questions will be requested later. 

Form before first upload

Form before first upload is displayed when:

  1. User is signed in and want to enter competition for the first time
  2. AND there are Uploaders fields in Setup&Edit > Options > User data capture.

Form on user's profile page

There are forms:

  • Set profile picture (if profile picture is activated)
  • Edit public data (all Active AND Editable AND Public fields) also Profile fields (AND Active AND Editable AND Public)
  • Edit private data (all Active AND Editable fields) also Profile fields (AND Active AND Editable)

Best practises

  1. Keep sign up form short, detailed questions leave for Uploaders or Profile page.
  2. Add examples or more description in Instruction for User for vague fields.
  3. Add checkboxes if you plan mailings or newsletters, and make it Editable. You can send newsletters only to users that explicitly agreed.
  4. Use platform data to make sign up in multiple competitions much faster and easier.
  5. Make all fields Editable, unless it's not reasonable i.e. "agree to competition Rules".


Why emails should be required?

You may not require email on sign up, but it would constrain platform usability.

By providing email on sign up:

  • participants may use it later to sign in (instead of nickname, which could be harder to remember)
  • participants may demand password recovery.

Additionally as Competition Organizer you may provide to participants (that signed in with valid email):

  • custom after upload email
  • kick-offs (mailing about new competition, possible if participant additionally checks appropriate subscription checkbox)
  • custom mailings about competition progress (possible if participant additionally checks appropriate subscription checkbox)
  • mailings from sponsors and other third-party (possible if participant additionally checks appropriate subscription checkbox).


How to restrict participation by country?

You may need to restrict participation by users origin for many reasons: the prize for winnter could be only realized locally (but competition could be open to participation, commenting, voting to the whole world) or you want only local participants to take part in the competition. It could arise from your local law, sponsor requirements or any other reason.  

The first thing you can do about this is to clearly specify conditions in your contest rules and if it's really important write about it also on home page. 

You can also use competizer features, there are few approaches:

1. Goal: Inform all users outside your country that they can't participate 

Use Landing Page. On this page place info that this competition is open in your country only (but you can provide small link to the competition for audience).
In Options settings for Landing page set redirection by users IP to the competition for your country only, so users from your country (exactly: users that connect to the internet from your country or use proxy in your country) will jump stright to the competition, all other users will see the warning.

2. Goal: Find out where is the participant from?

You can allow sign up for the whole world, but then you can activate pre-moderation and allow only entries added by users from your country (but it would be quite tiring for you).
You can also allow all entries and only when you are going to choose winners you'll be able to easily check participants origin and exclude those outside your country.
So if you want to go this way than just add new field to sign up form.
It could be:

  • text field, where you just ask about country,
  • or it could be select field with options for instance:
    your country
    To add select field you should  first create it in Platform SetupPlatform Data Capture then activate this field in competition.

Tip: It would be good idea to inform why do you ask about it (using instruction for users) for instance:

Winner(s) must be U.S. residents.

3. Goal: make participant confirm if he/she is from your country

Just add checkbox ie. "I'm U.S. resident". 

Tip: It would be good idea to provide tip (using instruction for users), for instance:

"To be eligible to enter the Contest, an Entrant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. legal resident".

By making this field required all users outside your country won't be able to sign in (unless they are cheating).