Multiple languages

Competizer platform enables use of different languages, but only one language per competition. So if you are going to run the same competition in different languages then we suggest to set separate competitions, each in different language.

Assign language to the user

It would be very useful information for competition organizer to know user's language. To get it seamlessly:

  1. in Platform Setup add Platform field "language", type: hidden, other options: Active.
  2. Then on competition level, so in Setup&Edit>Options>User data capture fill the value with language used in this competition ie. english, spanish.

How it will be used later?

As language field will be hidden, users won't be asked for this, it will be gathered automaticly (but make sure they are able to find competition in prefered language).

Info about language would be very useful if you want to invite users to new competitions via mailing. While creating messages in different languages specify subscribers' language.
In Platform Setup > Platform mailings > Send only to users who meet following criteria choose field with language and write language value specified in competition. 

Tip: If you prepared competition using only one language, but people using other languages are also welcome, you probably wan't to find out their origin. Then just add select with countries as options and let users choose their country/language manualy.