One competition could be easily cloned to:

  • repeat previous competition 
  • run multiple similiar competitions at a time (for instance for different countries, departments).

How to clone competition?

On competitions list choose competition to clone and click on  Clone button. 

Once competition is cloned:

  • set new Internet Address 
  • set new timelines in Stages.
  • check Judges in Stages > jury voting if applies.

All other settings will be cloned, including jury and mailing templates. 

What is not cloned?

Content of the competition: entries and participants are not cloned.

Also mailing custom messages are not cloned, as they most probably would need another content or at least another links.

Contest template

 This option is available for site admin only

On competizer platform it is also possible to set competition as template and then use it for cloning. 

Competition template could be set up and edited the same way as normal competition, but managing options such as moderation, downloading entries, choosing winners are disabled.

Template contest won't be visible on landing page.
If grouped competition is set as template it will be not enlisted in gallery filter. 

How to create contest template?

Create "normal" competition and check the checkbox in Setup&edit > Main > Templates. Then the competition will be visible in Competizer setup > Contest templates instead of Competizer dashboard. Uncheck to bring it back.