Moderation options for entries

Options for entries moderation:

  • Entries go live immediately, but users can flag inappropriate or invalid content
  • All entries must be reviewed before going live
  • Entries go live after payment confirmation or you can make selected entries visible (use only if payments are enabled)
  • No moderation (entries go live immediately and users can't flag invalid content).

Choose one of these options in Setup&edit > Moderation

Moderation options for comments

There are multiple options for comments:

  • you can Disable comments at all
  • use competizer Native comments to have full control over comments: moderation, pre-moderation, anonymous comments or registered only comments
  • use Facebook comments to boost visits in the competition.

Choose one of these options in Setup&edit > Moderation



If you choose this option all entries must be approved before going live.
Go to Moderation > Entries Pre-moderation or Comments Pre-moderation, approve entries.

Here will also appear entries in paid for entry contest before PayPal sends payment confirmation. You can manually approve entries from here (eg if you accepted payments the other way).


Go to Moderation > Entries Moderation or Comments Moderation. Here you can see all entries/comments added by users.

If entry/comment was reported by users for moderation it is displayed as first on this list with reddish background. Reported entry/comment is still available in front end.

In moderation tab you can:

  • approve this entry, it won't be flagged for verification then;
  • ban this entry/comment, it won't be available any more; banned entries/comments are in another tab, so you can approve them back;
  • (in entries moderation only) ban this user and all his/her entries in current competition. Before this look at number next to user name, it indicates number of entries in all competitions. Use search in the competition to look for other entries of this user.

Banned user:

  • will not be able to sign in the current competition (nor any other competitions, if there are any)
  • will not be able to or sign up again with the same nickname
  • his/her profile will be unaviable in the current competition (nor any other competitions, if there are any)
  • all his/her entries in current competition will be unaviable. It's possible to approve back some his/her entries, though the user will be still banned. Entries in other competitions (if there are any) will be aviable.  
  • all links in internet (like in google search or on Facebook) to the profile or  to entries of banned user will be redirected to the frontpage of the competition.
  • banned user will be not emailed via mailings
  • banned user will be not enlisted when downloading participants data.

Get updates about new entries on email

Keep an eye on entries using third-party tool to get updates on email or SMS from latest entries feed. Read this article about entries moderation.

 Facebook comments moderation

To get to moderation or moderation settings go to the any entry page and find link to moderation or settings within comments area.

Delete participant account

When user is deleted:

  • his/her account is deleted from all competitions he/she took part in
  • also all his/her entries from all competitions are deleted
  • entries and profile page will be unavialble,
  • deleted user will be not able to sign in,
  • But as the account will be totally erased, then it will be possible to sign up again and use the same nickname (and email if required). 

How to do this?

Go to Moderation > Users moderation and search user by nickname or email. Then you will be able to remove this account.

Participants can also remove their profile by themselves.

As a competition organizer you may also consider banning the user, instead of deleting account.


Checking history of votes

We've prepared a mechanism that allows you to check  voting history of concrete user.
To use this functionality please enter "Downloads" tab in the admin panel, then find entry that you want to check, and click on "download votes" link.
As an effect, csv file containing users votes history would be downloaded.

You can also check statistics of profile and entry visits in GA.
Most visits from different IP should be tracked there.