Minimal setup of mailings

 This article explains how to customize platform whenever you are going to use any custom mailigs or not, but you gather emails from users.

The platform may communicate with participant via email. These messages are called system email messages and are send for example when participant demands password recovery. These messages are sent using system email template.

To make it work:

  1. Let users give their emails:
    • set up email as platform user data capture if not set yet.
      Read more info how to set up platform data here.
    • Activate email platform field in competition in Setup&Edit > Options > User data capture
  2. System messages are sent  from If you want to change it send request on
  3. Test email:
    If you are not happy with what you got:
    • Go to the competition website, sign up/in as participant, give your email.
    • Sign out.
    • Go to sign in again and try password recovery. You should get password recovery email on your mailbox.
  4. Customize system message template, if you need customized header or footer or want to provide more graphics.
  5. System message content language is the same as set for the competition, read here how to change language.
  6. Add banners if you need/want to.
  7. If you think you can use gathered emails in a future to invite participants to next competitions or inform them about your offers etc. you should ask them for permission. You can make it by adding special checkbox in sign up form. Read more info how to allow subscriptions to newsletters here.





Email this is message created on the basis of template that serves also banners.

There are two kinds of messages:

There are two levels of mailings (templates and messages):

  • to subscribers from all departments, all competitions ( per customer), if you want to send  e-mails to all users, ie. inform about new competition. These are platform messages. Access only for Site Admins in Platform Setup > Platform mailings. Site admin can also manage all templates from all competitions.
  • to subscribers from one competition, ie. about competition progress. Choose competition in Competitions list and choose Mailings tab.