Kick-off Mailing

 This article explains how to invite participants of previous competitions to the new competition.

How to prepare kick-off (invite to new competition)

Note: Kick-off mailing as platform mailings are available for site admins only.

You need subscribers

To get them require emails and ask for permission on sending mailings about new competitions by adding special checkbox in sign up form. Do it before each competition!
Read here how to add email and subscription fields to sign up form.

When starting new competition

Note: To prepare HTML mailings some knowledge about HTML and CSS in emails is necessary. Let us know if you need help with it on

  1. Customize email template - fonts, colors, header, footer, banners position.
  2. Add banners if you need/want to.
  3. Create content of email - custom platform email message, test it and schedule for dispatch. 


Email this is message created on the basis of template that serves also banners.

There are two kinds of messages:

There are two levels of mailings (templates and messages):

  • to subscribers from all departments, all competitions ( per customer), if you want to send  e-mails to all users, ie. inform about new competition. These are platform messages. Access only for Site Admins in Platform Setup > Platform mailings. Site admin can also manage all templates from all competitions.
  • to subscribers from one competition, ie. about competition progress. Choose competition in Competitions list and choose Mailings tab.