Internet address

When you run a contest with Competizer then there are not only separate pages for home page, rules, submission form, gallery, but also each entry and participant have their own page with a separate permanent address.
To make it work each contest needs a separate internet address, even if you want to run a contest on Facebook.

By default you can use domain assigned to your account  and it's something like You may find it useful until your domain is set or if you want to hide the competition before launch.

Of course you may need another domain and there are two general ideas:

Many contests under one domain

This solution is good if you plan two or more competitions: cyclic or independent ones.

You can register a new domain (ie. for all your competitions or set subdomain of your main domain (

Then address competitions as in examples.



Cons: Long address, but... you can use competizer landing page and promote only main domain/subdomain address.

Pros: There are some pros if you are going to run more than one contest:

  • You have to set up domain only once, then use it in multiple competitions using only competizer panel.
  • You can also use the same Facebook settings, so your application will already have few users, which improves liability and speeds up the setup.
  • Also using the same domain/subdomain would better work for SEO: the new contest would appear faster and higher in search results (search makes an average of 12% traffic in contests). 
  • If you use redirection from main domain and use this domain address to promote the contest (in banners, on websites, on leaflets, etc.) then you can always use the same address in promotional/advertising materials and users will be redirected to the current contest, which is handy for you and for participants as well.

Warning: If you run a first competition you may think: "Now I will use a top domain (aka and next time I'll use this longer address (aka". But it will be impossible, unless you delete first competition. So much better idea is to start at once with domain name / competition name address if there is any chance that you would like to reuse this domain in a future.

Any individual domain for each contest

This solution is good if you prepare standalone campaign and want to have a meaningful domain name.


For the first competition register new domain, let's call it
For the second competition register again another domain, let's call it

Pros: Competition domain could be meaningful and easy to remember.

Cons: You have to register and keep domains until the competition should be online. Preferred domain name could be taken. You have to set up Facebook settings for each new domain. When starting new competition you can't use the same address (unless the old one is deleted).

Other approach: 
Create subdomains within your domain, different for each competition:

Pros: It's free and easier to set subdomain rather then new domain.

Cons: Long internet address.


You can assign many domains to the competition and set one as default. So you can mix both solutions.

How to set up internet address?

Providing that you want to add new domain to your contest:

Register the new domain if needed.
Point your domain to by adding the following records to your domain’s DNS zone:

  • If you want to use subdomain, e.g.
    competitions CNAME
    www.competitions CNAME
  • If you want to use new top-level domain, e.g.
    @ A
    www CNAME

 Read detailed instructions how to set up domain here.


Next steps:

Set up new domain for the competition

  1. In admin area in Competition Setup&Edit > Main > Internet address click on add another internet address.
    Tip: Better if you add internet address without "www" at the beginning, because competizer will automaticly handle requests that start with www.
    So if your address is and user enters our platform will automaticly redirect to
    It doesn't work inversely, so if you add and user enters it won't work, unless you add it as another domain. 
    If you plan to use multiple contests under one domain method then add competition name to internet address.
  2. Fill Facebook integration settings if not set yet.
  3. Set domain as default. 

Set up new default domain for competitions in department

For site admins only

  1. In admin area in Company Setup > Domains add new domain.
    Tip: Better if you add internet address without "www" at the beginning, because competizer will automaticly handle requests that start with www.
    So if your address is and user enters our platform will automaticly redirect to . It will work both for landing pages and competition addresses as well.
  2. Add Facebook integration settings.
  3. Assign domain to department: Go to Company Setup > Departments. Edit department.  Assign domain, check one for default.
  4. While creating or editing competition this new domain will be available as predefined in competition Setup&Edit > Main > Internet address.
    Set this domain as default if necessary. 


Apply new domain available for all competitions

Contact with

Run contest on Facebook

If you want to direct users to your contest on Facebook then after setting the default domain and the address and the app in Facebook you need to set up also additional address in Competizer: