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Marketing opportunities for sponsors and organizer

A contest is a great marketing opportunity for organizer and sponsor. Competizer provides some dedicated tools and solutions for branding and sponsorship:

  1. Banners
    • on contest page
    • in mailings
    • in mobile App
    • in Facebook App
  2. Branding in contest's Look & Feel
  3. Dedicated Custom Page - ie. Sponsor Page.
  4. Social Media widgets implementation: ie. tweets, Facebook like box, etc.
  5. Other widgets, ie. RSS news from portal.
  6. Customized user data capture, ie. question or checkbox from sponsor.
  7. Dedicated Category ie. with special prize from sponsor.
  8. Offer in post registration mailing and/or post-registration page.
  9. Dedicated offer for uploaders only.
  10. Prizes - opportunity for product seeding and placement.

Promotional tools

There are also few tools that organizers and sponsors could use to promote the contest itself:

Presentation for sponsor

If you are looking for sponsorship we can provide you with template presentation with screens, descriptions and specifications for sponsor.
Just ask at