Gallery settings

There are some options available for gallery customisation:

  • navigation 
  • entry presentation
  • gallery title
  • Category filter
  • Top or latest entries
  • Time filter
  • Contests filter.

Find details below.

 In Setup&Edit > Look&Feel > Gallery options


  • standard paging - it displays 20 entries at once with Previous / Next Page navigation
  • Infinite scroll - entries are loaded continously as the viewer scrolls down the page. While new photos are continously added to be displayed statistics are counted as new page views, even though they are displayed on the same page.

Tips: Theoreticly infinite scroll may make even more pageviews as it's easier to scroll down rather then clicking on Next Page link.
On the other hand it's easier to jump to certain page with standard paging.
Also it's not recommended to use infinite scroll if you enable FB likes in gallery, as there will be too many call backs to FB on one page and it could slow down the browser.

Entry presentation

  • only entries
  • entries with basic info and controls (vote and/or like button)
  • optionally additionally avatar.

 In Setup&Edit > Look&Feel > Picture options > thumbnail

Decide what size and proportions suit best for you contest, especially in photo contest. More info about resizing and keeping ratio here.


 In Setup&Edit > Stages

Gallery title

Gallery title could be different for each of competition stages.
So for voting round you can strightforward explain how to vote, for example:

Gallery of Summer Competition entries. Vote for your 5 favourite entries each day!

Category filter

If there are 2 or more categories then category filter is enabled. But you can hide some categories on this filter.

 Go to Stages > Submission Round > Categories and check Hide category name in gallery on filter list for appropriate category.


 In Setup&Edit > Options

Top or latest entries 

In gallery by default "Top entries" are displayed after winners annoucement, "Latest entries" otherwise.

You can force displaying Top or Latest entries in Options > Gallery > Default sorting.

"Top entries" means entries sorted from those that have the largest number of users' votes. If the number is the same system sorts those entries by number of Facebook likes.

Sorting labels

If you want to change naming of the labels :"Top entries", "Latest entries" to something else, for instance "Most Loved Entries", "Latest applicants", etc. go to Options > Gallery > Sorting labels and write your labels.

Display time filter

Admin can activate additional filters in gallery that will display entries that were added:

  • whenever (all entries),
  • this month (calendar month),
  • last month (calendar month),
  • this week (since this Monday untill Sunday),
  • last week (since the last Monday to the last Sunday),
  • today (UTC time),
  • yesterday (UTC time),
  • last x days (enter number of days), there could be more than one such a filter,
  • from - to (select dates), there could be more than one such a filter.

Filter names are editable.
Admin activate/deactivate selected filters and can change their order.
Filter is displayed in gallery only if there are some entries that will meet the criteria, unless it's forced to be displayed even if empty.
The first one will be active in gallery by default. See examples below.

How this filter could be used?

First example:

Enable filters with such an order:

  • Added this month, don't show if empty
  • Added last month, don't show if empty
  • whenever.

In this situation if there are new entries this month default gallery will display entries added this month. Additionally readers will be able to check last month entries and all entries.
If there are any new entries it will show entries added last month (at the very beginning of new month). Additionally readers will be able to check all entries.

Second example:

Create custom filters for each calendar month:

  • Sept2012
  • Aug2012
  • July2012
  • etc.

Users by default will see entries added in given month (the first one on filters list created by you) and optionally all historical periods or all entries. You can also set future months and they will not be displayed until there are some entries.

Contests filter

If there are 2 or more contests in a group then additional filter is displayed. Read more about contests grouping here.

Styling filters

To style time dependant filters check options Show if empty to force displaying filters. Style filters if necessary, find some tips here how to style filters by customizing CSS.