Facebook integration settings

Competizer uses Facebook login. It's handy solution for participants.

It is core competizer feature, but Facebook requires adding a new app for each new domain to enable this integration.

If you use some subdomains then you can use the same Facebook integration settings for all of them.


Integrate contest with Facebook

Sign in on Facebook and create new app.

When you are ready copy and paste application identification numbers to competizer.

Read this tutorial to find out how to do this step by step.

  1. Please note: you must have verified your Facebook personal user account to create apps on Facebook. 
    Click here for more information on verifying your account.
  2. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps
  3. Click on "Add a New App" button.
  4. In the form that will appear type "Display name", it could be a competiton title or domain name.
  5. Add contact email and choose category Promotions and Contests (or other).
  6. Then...

    1. Choose Settings.
    2. Below the form click on "+Add Platform" and add Website.
    3. Provide your contest Site Url starting with http://
    4. Add App Domain - the same domain, but without http://
    5. Optionally add links to Privacy Policy and T&C (you can also add them later). 
    6. Save Changes
  7. Facebook generated special account for you with unique App ID and App Secret.
    Apply Facebook integration settings in competizer, which are available:
    • on the level of one contest in Setup&edit > Main > Internet address > Facebook integration settings
    • if you are going to use one domain for multiple competitions you can add it once. If you are site admin, go to Company setup > Domains and edit or add new domain. There are also Facebook integration settings.

      Copy codes from Facebook for developers and paste in Facebook integration settings in Competizer as follows:
    • Find App ID and paste in Competizer Facebook integration settings into Application ID. Then copy App Secret

      and paste it to Application secret:

      And Save.

  8. On Facebook go to App Review and switch the app to public.


Now your contest is integrated with Facebook, which means that users may sign in with Facebook.

Entries in the contest could be shared, commented and liked. All those actions could be displayed on user's wall. Check here how to customize shared entries descriptions and image.


If you want to test sign up process in your competition, but don't want to use your own Facebook account for this then use special feature delivered by Facebook.
Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps , choose your contest app and choose Roles from the menu on the left.

Add Test users.

Test user(s) will be generated. Use this account to check registration in your competition. When you are using this test account you will be able to register, like and share entries, but it won't be visible to anyone else(!)