Customer account

Customer account it is a base of competitions and their participants, administrated by certain admins and with certain settings. It could be ordered on

When new customer account is created, then the new space is created for:

  • Separate base of participants. Each customer has own namespace of nicknames and other uniqe platform user data records (for instance emails) for all competitions organized on this customer account

    How it works?
    If one of participants will take nickname "John", all other "Johns" in this and all future competitions organized by this customer have to take other nicknames. 
    On the other hand if participant of previous competition tries to sign up in new competition with the same email, he/she will be notieced, that this account already exists, and he/she should rather sign in (that is why it is good to invite "old" participants to the new competition and inform them by kick-off mailing, that they could sign in using the same account).

    What does it means for customers?
    Customer account should be generally created for one competition organizer, who manages his base of participants and cares about privacy policy of his participants. It's also possible to use one Customer Account for few organizers if they are related ie. these are departments of one company/organization or it is clearly communicated that participant's accounts could be shared with third-party.
    So consider ordering new customer account:

    What does it means for participants?
    Participant may quickly sign in in all future competitions organized within one Customer Account, but could be surprised if competition organizers are not related. 

    • ifyou are going to create new competition on behalf of other company
    • if new datebase of users is necessary
    • if you don't want to share current users database with organizer of next new competition.
  • Administrators and departments
    There are two levels of access:

    • site admin has access to all competitions, platform, departments and users (admins) settings
    • admin is assigned to department(s) and can see and manage competitions within assigned department(s)
  • Internet addresses
    To the Customer Account custom domains could be assigned.
  • Competitions

  • Landing pages
    Landing pages could used to aggregate all competitions that are set on one  Customer Account.

  • Mailings
    Platform mailings could be sent to all subscribers from all competitions from one Customer Account.