Custom design

Your contest could have unique design suited to your branding and/or contest theme. But there are always few elements which are necessary to make the contest working. They should be taken into account while creating individual design:

Design elements


  • home page button
  • enter competition
  • gallery / vote (go to gallery to vote) / top entries (finalists) 
  • winners
  • sign up / sign in;
  • after sign in:
    • user menu: Manage entries / Profile / Set profile picture / Edit public data / Edit private data / Change password
    • sign out
  • rules / privacy policy / other custom pages
  • paging in gallery: < Previous 1 - x of x Next >
  • on entry page: previous / gallery / next

Contest description

  • title of the competition
  • slogan or/and description of the competition on home page
  • rules / privacy policy page
  • other custom pages (judges, prizes, etc.)
  • winners page
  • competition status (optional)
  • header and footer 


  • sign in with Facebook / sign in / sign up (all on one page)
  • submission form (including: instruction for participants, choose category, browse/textarea for entry, upload button)
  • search box


Photos are rescaled to custom sizes and then displayed:

  • biggest size in photo page
  • thumbnail on gallery page and on user's profile page
  • smallest thumbnail in widgets and on user's profile page

Text entries could be displayed differently:

  • in gallery 
  • on entry page
  • in widgets.


Avatars are displayed:

  • on entry page
  • in comments
  • on profile page
  • optionally in gallery
  • in some widgets


By default icons are used for:

  • navigation on entry page: previous / next entry, back to gallery,
  • add entry to favourites / remove from favourites
  • report abuse on entry / comment
  • before number of entries / comments
  • as search button

Implementing design

Individual layout could be implemented through CSS custom file and custom sprite image. In CSS you can also point other separate images as backgrounds. Using CSS file it's also possible to reposition or hide default elements.
It's also possible to add new theme/template CSS available for all competitions for one customer and that use only CSS custom file for small tweaks for each competition.
The more designer relies on default templates, the easier would be implementation.

You can't edit HTML of contest page, but only elements that are available through administration.

Nevertheless we deliver API, so it is possible to build own solution from scratch.