Contest group

 Contest grouping enables displaying entries from other competitions in the gallery.

If competition is in a group together with other competitions, then additional filter is displayed in gallery of entries. This filter is a list of all grouped competitions and it's built of competition titles and department names. 

When grouping is useful?

  • There are few the same or similiar competitions organized for different departments at the same time. Then participants from one competition can see entries from paralell competition within one gallery.
  • Cyclic competition. All editions are within one group and users can see old entries in one gallery.

How to create new group of competitions?

This option is available for site admins only

In admin area go to Platform Setup and choose Contest Groups.

Then click on Add group link. Add a name, that is meaningful for you. This name won't be displayed in the competition, it's only for administrative use.

How to add competition to a group of competitions?

Go to the competition (create new or edit existing one) to Setup&edit > Main and choose Competition group.