FAQ during the competition

  1. I can't see changes made in CMS, why?

     Before competition starts you can see all changes right away in front-end competition site. But when your competition already started and gained above 50 entries, then it is cached to improve site performance. Unfortunatelly this means for you, that you can't see changes made in CMS in Setup & Edit right away, only after few minutes.

  2. Website is slow. How can I speed it up?

     There are few factors that may slow down competition site. Try to find weakest points and disable them. First optimize Home Page as it usually gains most traffic. If you use FB likes and comments they will probably generate huge traffic, which is good, but in some cases FB widgets may slow down page, especially if there are many of them on single page ie. on gallery page or in Gallery widget. Also some banners, your statistics script or integrated elements may slow down performance.

    Tip: If you use Gallery widget:

    • disable FB likes: go to admin page > Setup&Edit Stages Voting round and check appropriate checkbox
    • lessen Amount of items to show: go to admin page > Setup&Edit Options > Gallery Widget
    • if it's not enough just desactivate this widget


  3. How to close a category, without deleting the submissions in that particular category?

    You can limit entries in a category to 0, so users will not be able to add any more entry to this category. It'll also disapear from categories list while users enter competition.

    Go to admin Stages>Submission Round>Categories and set "Entry limit: 0  per person".
    Additionally and optionally you can  "Hide category name in gallery on filter list", though entries will be still there in the gallery.