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Competizer allows you to create widget to promote competition on other pages.

Widget displays random top or latest entries, optionally with:

  • contest title
  • contest slogan
  • gallery title
  • widget title (top entries)
  • link to gallery
  • entry description: title, author, no of votes

Statistics widget

Statistics widget options:

  • Show number of entries
  • Show number of users
  • Show number of votes
  • Show number of comments
  • Hide number's labels
  • Show contest title
  • Show contest slogan
  • Show widget title
  • specify width and height of widget
  • display banners.

If you want to present basic statistics on the competition website or somewhere else then create statistics widget. If you want to present it on competition website you can place it in the footer, in description on home page, super header or super footer,as custom widget, as status    (more help about home page elements here), on additional custom page, as banner.
It's quite likely, that you would like to style this widget to fit it nicely into the context. Check examples of styling statistics widget here.

Creating widget

Go to admin area, log in and choose Widgets tab by the choosen competition. If you need statistics widget choose Statistics from submenu.

Then customize widget by setting its size and components for content (amount of entries, photo size, widget size, displayed headers, links and descriptions).

Competizer will prepare iframe. Just copy and paste this markup to your site using source code editing.

Styling external widgets

External widgets are displayed as iframes with customized content. They use Theme CSS choosen for competition page and custom CSS file the same as in the competition page.

While customizing custom CSS file:

  • use #widgets to affect only on widgets
  • some main containers IDs are different then on competition page, so competition styling should not affect them
  • entry containers and descriptions have the same ID and classes as on competition page, so they will be styled the same as on competition page, unless they are redefined in custom.css file explicitely.


Scheme of photo widget

<body id="widgets" >
 <div id="container" style="width:XXXpx;">
  <div id="content">
   <div class="content">
    <div class="aside">
     <h1 class="header">Competition title</h1>
     <h3>Gallery title</h3>
     <ul class="horizontal_menu tabbs nav">
<a href="" id="widget-top-trg" class="current" target="_blank">Top entries</a>
     <div id="widget-top" class="tabbed">
     <ul class="entries">
      <li class="box" style="width:XXpx">
       <div class="hmedia">
<a href="" class="sthumb" target="_blank">
<img src="" class="photo" alt="entry title" id="entry_xxx" />
        <ul class="figcaption">
         <li class="fn">Etnry title</li>
         <li class="vcard">
<span class="dataLabel">by </span>
<span class="contributor fn" >nickname</span>
          <li class="votes" title="votes">
<span class="dataLabel accesible">votes</span>
<span class="counter">X</span>
   <a href="" target="_blank" class="nav">more entries</a></div>

Track visits from external widgets

 If you use Google Analytics then you can track visits from exteral widgets. Go to GA account and check Campaigns in Traffic Sources.

Source and Medium name will be "widget", Campaign name will be title of the competition.

FAQ - Setup widget

  1. Can I change entries width?

    Well, you can change them in Setup&Edit in Look&Feel tab, but.. if you change width of entries it will also affect width of entries in the competition, so make sure that entries in the competition and in widget are nicely sized.

  2. Entries doesn't fit widget width. Can I have any other width of entries?

    Yes. If you want to have one entry in a row then choose entry size bigger then widget width. Entry will scale down to available area.

    If you wat to have more then one entry in a row then it's more complicated, but possible:)
    Let's say you need 250px photos. To achieve this choose photo size bigger then 250px. Then you have to add a line in custom.css file:

    #widgets .photo{max-width:250px}

    In text competition add something like this to custom.css file:

    #widgets .textentry {max-width:250px}
  3. How can I change the title or descriptions in widget?

     All descriptionsin widget  (title, slogan, gallery title, etc.) are taken from competition settings, so if you want to change them you should find where they are edited and change them. But if you don't want to change them in the competition, then generate widget without those descriptions and add them before IFRAME tag on destination page.