Using platform

  1. While using "search" I can't find all my photos, why?

    Search does work only within current competition, so if you took part in other competitions (or their previous editions)  you can't find them using "search". Good news is that you can see all your entries on your profile page.

  2. How can I delete my account?

    Sign in, enter your profile page by clicking your nickname on the top. Find tool menu on profile page and click on "Remove profile". For security reasons you will be asked to write your password again. When removing your profile all your data and entries will be deleted within 24 hours.

  3. Can I change my nick name?

     The nick name can't be changed.

Photo competition

  1. While uploading it stayed on and i'm not sure if my image was uploaded.

     When your photo is uploaded you are redirected to the page, where you can describe it and share with friends.
    If your photo is too big then appropriate message appears.
    If none of these happens then most probably the upload is very slow and can't finish.
    Please try again later.
    Once your photo is uploaded and described it would last few minutes when it is available in gallery.

  2. How long could be photo description?

    Photo title could be up to 255 chars, photo description up to 6000 chars.

  3. I've just uploaded photos. Why I can't see them in gallery?

    If competition allows entries go live immediately  then photos are available in gallery within few minutes after upload.

  4. If one puts a picture in the wrong category, is it possible to change? Is it possible to remove images and add new ones?

    One cannot change category, but he can remove photos, there is an option in user's menu - "Manage entries", it is possible to delete photos on that page. So users can remove photos and then add new ones in that place.

  5. Why in gallery entries are duplicated?

     Photographers can upload one photo into few categories. Then one photo is duplicated to each category, so each duplicate has "it's own life" - gets comments, likes, votes only within one category. Drawback of this is that one photo could be displayed few times.