Choose winners

Whatever type of competition you have (with or without voting) you always have to at least approve winners to make winners page public. Winners may be choosen by:
  • jury rating
  • number of users votes added to single entry
  • total number of users votes added to all user's entries
  • any criteria, but  only among entries added in specific time interval.

You can also take into account number of social interactions: likes, shares, comments, but please note that according to Facebook policy, they should not be treated as votes and should not be the basis of winners choosing.

How announce winners?

First approve winners (in all categories) then edit winners page.

Approve winners

Go to Winners tab. There you will see list of entries. If you have categories in the competition, then you have to choose category to see list of entries.

If you have already approved winners you will be redirected to Edit Winners Page, but if you want to change winners or add new ones scroll down this page and find a link Change winners list.

How many winners and runner-ups approve?

On the top you have info about number of winners and runner-ups to be choosen and how many is already approved. If you have categories, then similiar info is displayed for each category (when you click on it). When 100% will be approved, then winners page will be available.

Tip: Number of winners and runner-ups is customized in Setup&edit > Stages >Submission Round, next to category name.

How entries are sorted?

At the beginning  all entries are sorted by default by:

  • jury votes (if contest has jury stage)
  • or by users votes (if contest has voting stage).

You can also sort entries by moving your mouse on "order by" field. You can sort by:

  • best entries according to the users
  • best entries according to jury
  • most shared entries (Facebook)
  • most liked entries (Facebook)
  • most viewed entries
  • most commented entries (for Facebook comments only comments added through contest website are counted)
  • most often added to favorites

List of available options depends on selected competition and voting mechanism, so it may not contains all options that are presented here.

Numbers in details

Best entries according to the users
  • it's number of votes in traditional or anonymous type of voting
  • it's number of likes, if social interactions are taken into account, instead of voting
  • votes are counted only when Voting Round is open
  • if Voting Round is deactivated and activated again (for any reason), then votes are summarized
Best entries according to the jury
  • available only when Jury Voting Round is activated
  • Jury can vote only when this stage is open
Most shared (Facebook)/ viewed / commented / added to favorites entries
  • are counted all the time, however or even whenever the Voting Round is set
  • if FB comments are activated, then in admin area is shown number of comments added via competition site. Whilst on competition site in comments widget another number could be indicated, ie. additional comments added directly on FB.
Most liked entries (Facebook)
  • are counted all the time except during Voting Round with social interactions counting
  • are counted only direct click on "likes" through competition site
  • are not counted "likes" through FB site
  • therefore number of likes in admin area is different then the number shown on competition site, where all likes are summarized!

Filter by creation date

You can also filter entries by date of their creation: choose start and end day of prefered time interval.

How to change the order of winners or runner-ups?

You can change the order by sorting or drag and drop entries manually.

When you click on button Approve winners list winners and runner-ups are approved.


Yellow indicates approved winners and orange approved runner-ups 

If you have few categories then you should approve winners for each category.

Attention: If  you sort or filter entries after approval, then approved winners and runner-ups will NOT be sorted, only entries on light blue background (entries after last runner-up).

How to apply different criteria?

Use case: You can choose  winners using different criteria. For instance if you want one jury's and one public's winner then:

  • In Setup&Edit>Stages>Upload stage> set 2 winners at category
  • Go to Winners tab. Entries are sorted by jury's voting, so best entry according jury will be on top. Approve winners. In our example there will be 2 winners, but the second one will not count.
  • Sort entries by best entries according to the users. Previously approved entries will not change position, but other entries on light blue background will. So best entry according to the users will actually be displayed right after winners. Now manually drag it from third to second place and approve again.
    It would be good idea to describe entries on winner's page how they've been choosen (by jury or public) afterwards. Use subtitles or review field for this.


Choosing best profiles

/beta version/

This functionality is in beta phase, so not every options are available in it. You are able to choose best profiles, but this list won't be published automatically.

To see list of top profiles, please have a look on the admin panel and enter the ,,winners" tab.
Enter your mouse on the tab "winners", area "best profiles" should appear. Click on it.
You can find list of best profiles there. It is being updated automatically.

Details you can find on the screen below.

 Use case: Copy best profiles links or any content from them (avatar, user nickname, best entry, etc.) and paste them on home page or on special custom page.

How to check users' contact details?

To check users' contact details go to Winners tab.
Just mouse over the nickname and you will able to see orange layer with all data we collected.