How to get started with mailings?

If you require emails on sign up then participants may receive at least system messages, such as password recovery.

But Competizer platform includes also whole mailing system. The only thing you need to start using it are subscribers (to get them just require emails on sign up and the checkbox for subscriptions).
You may also want to customize mailings look&feel, footer, banners, etc. or prepare separate mailings like kick-offs or emails about competition progress.

Providing that you gather emails find out more about:


Email this is message created on the basis of template that serves also banners.

There are two kinds of messages:

There are two levels of mailings (templates and messages):

  • to subscribers from all departments, all competitions ( per customer), if you want to send  e-mails to all users, ie. inform about new competition. These are platform messages. Access only for Site Admins in Platform Setup > Platform mailings. Site admin can also manage all templates from all competitions.
  • to subscribers from one competition, ie. about competition progress. Choose competition in Competitions list and choose Mailings tab.