Banners are just linked images, flash files, linked text, sometimes they could be delivered as script. So technicly you can place them in every editable region available in administration panel. But for your convenience Competizer provides particular administration for banners, so you can administrate them in one place.

There are few predefined spots where you can place banners, for instance: leaderboard, MPU, half-banner, microbanner, etc.. In fact you can place banners of any size and weight (kB), even few banners in one spot - one after another.

However if you are going to use predefined competition templates without touching CSS styling then better if banners not exceed predefined sizes (especially width). 

Banner Formats


Add script generated in ad server. It could serve image, flash, video or text banners.

Image banners

JPG, GIF, GIF animated, PNG.

Flash banner

  1. Flash banner should have image replacement (backup image to comply with IAB guidelines) GIF or Animated GIF or JPG or PNG .
  2. If you want us to collect click-through rates, please assign a clickTAG and clickTARGET for your flash advertisement:

    on (release) {
      if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {

    and send us a destination URL for such banner (e.g.

    (If you need more info, please see Adobe's official guide on how to set up a Flash file to use the clickTAG variable within Flash: )

Text banner

Always you can just write a text and use HTML syntax.


Sample copy goes here with <a href="">sample link</a>


Banners in mailings

You can easily add ad units into e-mail's sending to your participants and you can place it in:

  • Header
  • Content
  • Footer

Recomended size is 600x100 px, weight 30 kb, format: jpg, png only.

Where to add banners?

To place sponsors banners in mailings, please log in to your admien area, then choose Setup and edit > Banners >Mailings.

Using WYSWIG editor add text, image or html in proper part of the message (Header, Content, Footer).

How to test it?

To test banners go to your contest and by sign in request password reset. The email with banners will be delivered to given e-mail.
Also after creating custom message you should test it, banners will be attached to test emails. 

Technical details

Banners are placed in system and custom messages templates. You can change it's possition. Go to Mailings, choose Edit Templates, Edit current template. Use those codes to place them in templates where needed:

    - will be replaced by contest banners,


Ad units

Ad tag in Banners tab  where displayed proposed size* Recommended Maximum Initial Download Fileweight* comments
Leaderboard all pages 728x90px 40kB  this banner would be hidden (by CSS) in template "menu-up"
Footer all pages 728x90px 40kB  
Super footer all pages
Entry page entry page 468x60px 40kB displayed between entry and comments; should not exceed main column width
Half banner all pages 234x60px 30kB Banners are displayed in the same place, so choose one of them.
Banners could have annotation ie. "sponsored by". 
Microbanner all pages 88x31px 10kB
3:1 rectangular banner Home page,
entry page
300x100px 40kB not more then width of right column 
MPU Home page,
entry page
300x250 40kB not more then width of right column 
Gallery banner Gallery any size 40kB For best results banner width should be exactly the same as thumbnail width or multiple or for a full width of content.
Note: thumbnail width is set up in Look&Feel tab in Picture Options.
Image mosaic widget Home page (with active Top gallery/intro widget) width: thumbnail width
height: minimum entry height from widget setup




-header banner
-content banner
-footer banner

e-mails and newsletters
 600x100px  30kB  only jpg or gif
other usage
any banner Banners in Facebook app max width 780px 40kB  In Facebook application are displayed the same banners as on website.
any banner Banners on small screens (mobile devices)   30kB Competizer use responsive design and wide banners should scale down on small screens, to fit available area. It's also possible to display different banners on mobile devices and other on wide screens, but it would require implementation of some custom CSS, see samples of responsive ads here.

 *those sizes are recommended by IAB. You can use another size or place few banners in one spot, but make sure that they work well with your competition.

 See sample competition with banners.
Additionally orange is used to present available areas for branding. In fact, everything could be branded.