You can download photos, participants data and voting stats. Read details below.


In photo competition original photos are also stored. They are available in admin area in Downloads tab.

Participants' data

Participants data are collected by sign up and optionally before entry submission and on profile page according to user data capture setup.

Participants data could be seen or downloaded by:

  • given competition
  • group of competitions.

Download participants' data by competition

You can download all participants data for given competition from Downloads tab in competition menu. Data will be downloaded as a CSV file.You can also preview participant data one by one when you hover user name in Downloads tab.

Download participants' data from all competitions

To download data of all participants or participants from a group of contests choose Platform Setup tab from menu placed on the top of the page, then go to Download users data. Here you can download file that contains all data that users where asked for in registration form by choosing "download all data" link.

Filtering or grouping download

Choose Platform Setup tab from menu placed on the top of the page, then go to Download users data and  fill the form Set download criteria. You can filter data or choose fields to export. When done click on the Download button on the bottom.

Filters and fields to export that are available in this tab are strongly connected with Data Capture Form that was set. For example if there was "I accepted the rules" checkbox  in registration form, such filter would be also available.

Note: It could take time to download filtered/grouped data: few minutes to few hours!

How to use filter?

To download filtered data, choose a filter from droplist, and then choose fields you need. Than click on download.

Handling checkboxes

If you want to filter data according to question asked in the checkbox - set "1" if you need data of users who have checked the checkbox, ano "0" if you need only those participants, who left the checkbox unchecked.


There are also stats about voter's IPs, they are assigned to entry. You can download it in Download tab by clicking on "Download votes" above the entry.

Total stats or for grouped contests

There are also additional stats available in top menu: Competitions > Stats. There you can find:

Participants - number of all registered users who uploaded an entry.

Total amount of  Entries, Users, Participants, Votes, FB Likes and Comments in All active competitions or in a group.

Raports are downloadable.