Add banners


  1. Log in to your admin area. Choose competition.
  2. Go to Setup&Edit > Banners tab.


Generally you can provide:

provide recommended when statistics
(track clicks, exposures)
it's going to be multiple banners in one spot displayed randomly YES generated in third party ad-server (ie. yours ad-server or ask competizer team for adserver host). Banners could be blocked by anti-banner programmes.
(image, flash, text)
if you want to put some banners (i.e. logos, etc.) one next to another in one spot NO  Banners are displayed as normal content, it's not blocked by anti-banner programmes.


Learn more about banner formats in banners specification.


Ad tag

Go to your ad-server and generate ad tag for each ad unit. Note that some ad units have certain dimensions, your banner can't exceed them.
Paste ad tag to chosen ad unit. Repeat for each ad unit.

You can provide the header and/or footer reference to load your add library if necessary.


Find ad unit that fits your banner, then toggle WYSIWYG editor.
Use icons to put image, then add link on banner.


Banners in mailings

You can easily add ad units into e-mail's sending to your participants and you can place it in:

  • Header
  • Content
  • Footer

Recomended size is 600x100 px, weight 30 kb, format: jpg, png only.

Where to add banners?

To place sponsors banners in mailings, please log in to your admien area, then choose Setup and edit > Banners >Mailings.

Using WYSWIG editor add text, image or html in proper part of the message (Header, Content, Footer).

How to test it?

To test banners go to your contest and by sign in request password reset. The email with banners will be delivered to given e-mail.
Also after creating custom message you should test it, banners will be attached to test emails. 

Technical details

Banners are placed in system and custom messages templates. You can change it's possition. Go to Mailings, choose Edit Templates, Edit current template. Use those codes to place them in templates where needed:

    - will be replaced by contest banners,